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Christian Assembly
Connecting with God, Our Neighbors and Our World
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Scripture Observation Application Prayer -- Being devoted to Jesus is a life-long journey, and we are committed to helping you along the way. Devotion to Jesus comes through devotion to the Bible, which is God's Word, written to you!
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Kids matter to Jesus... and to us. Kids Church (grades 1-6) and Junior Church (ages 3 to 6) meet every Sunday at 10:30 am (during the Sunday Worship Service). And on Wednesdays from 6:00 to 7:00 pm, we've got KidMin and Rainbows - kids having fun, making friends and learning more about Jesus. Even kids can live for Jesus!
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God has given us so much. And so we give back to Him. Our giving is an act of obedience. It's an act of worship that shows our gratitude. It's an opportunity for us to invest in the life of the church. It's our privilege to give so that others can meet Him and find new life.
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Worship is more than just showing up. It's how we respond to God and all that He has done in our lives.
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Everyone can be involved in missions - sharing the love of Jesus with those we meet in our neighborhoods, our schools and our workplaces. We can be a part of missions three ways: we can pray, we can give, and we can go.

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How Do I Become a Christian?
THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION we make in this life is where we’ll spend our eternal life. When we have made that choice, we’re not only prepared to die ... we’re finally ready to live!
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I want to be baptized
Being baptized in water is an act of obedience and is for everyone who is a follower of Jesus. It is an outward display of what has happened on the inside.
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